Secure Resolutions Sucks!

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Secure Resolutions took my money back in February for a product that they promised I would have in 2 weeks. I AM STILL waiting. This has to be the worst software company on the planet. They won't give me my money back and keep making more promises that I'll have my anti-virus software "soon".

What a joke - they don't know what they're doing and they have a development team of 1 I think!.

Don't buy Anti-Cybercrime from Secure Resolutions.

Don't buy ResolutionsMSP from Secure Resolutions.

Crooks! Inept! Full of Bugs!

This company has the nerve to call themselves cutting edge, leader in the market - BS! They don't have a Vista version and it's been out for over 2 years now.

Don't buy Secure Resolutions software.

Review about: Anti Virus.



I wouldn't believe what some of these people are saying.

If people weren't so *** and ignorant maybe they wouldn't have problems

If it's the secure resolutions I know they have a support staff who I know and they have a TON of patience with all the *** people that call in. They had a customer call in all the time and ask why he kept having virus's. Just so happened that the guy had a torrent downloader and *** on his computer that someone was downloading. Wasn't him though, he didn't disable the anti virus software so he can download things with potential virus's in them.

Their support team is very very helpful and very patient with all the *** people that call in and are always kind and knowledgeable!

If the original complaint on this is from the guy i think, he doesn't know how to do business and can't control his temper. Sorry for you buddy.

The people that have problems with this company haven't called in and taken advantage of the wonderful support team and should grow up

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain #20574

Same here as well, don't touch them with a barge pole, they take your money then don't provide a working product or support.


Same thing happened to me with this company. They are scam artisists.

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